Renate Kroes

I started making beats at the age of 18. Now a couple years later this hobby has grown out into a fulltime job.

During my secondary school years, I started as a DJ and session musician (violin). I have been making music since I was 11 years old. With a classical music degree on the violin and Composition And Music Production education I started my company by the name Rey Shifa and now I also work with Figure of Eight.

I signed a publishing deal with Sony ATV in 2020. A year before I received my first Double Platinum record for a co-production on the track Scars from well known Dutch artist

My productions are beat orientated, with electronic synths and instruments. I like it to be contemporary and full of unique/experimental twists.


Production & Songwriting


Anil Tümkaya

I fell in love with the sound of a piano when my high school teacher played it.

When she told me that she was autodidactic I thought: "I can do that too!"


Since then I've been in numerous small bands and have had several gigs.


Composers that have inspired me throughout the years are Jon Hopkins and Hans Zimmer. L'indécis has inspired me to produce lo-fi beats.


The combination of storytelling, different genres and a groove inspire me to create music.


Composition, Production & Keyboardist


Max Schellekens 

Almost born with the guitar in hand, I love playing and listening closely to find new songs. I think songs are born from the simplest of ideas and feelings but can become the most profound and complex pieces of art.


Acoustically oriented but genre-free, I try to write my songs as bare bones as possible so a producer can fill in the sound side of things. I’m basically in love with lyrics and I’m your guy if you want help turning your ideas from thoughts and feelings into text and music.

I don’t mind making twenty demos to make sure the song is just right. Guitar playing, singing and story-telling are my strong points. My vision and my thoughts on what songs are and can be are my greatest gifts.


Songwriting & Production


Pieter van Vleuten

I started making music at the age of 12. It first started with rapping and making hip hop beats, but over the years it developed into music production, composing, songwriting, engineering and mixing for all kinds of genres.


I play guitar, bass, keys and I sing. I've worked with Indie bands, rappers, R&B singers, jazz composers, singer-songwriters and classical orchestras to name a few.

I'm currently finishing my psychedelic pop-debut EP which I wrote, produced, recorded and mixed all by myself. 

My specialty as a producer is working out someone's demos and ideas from start to finish with them.

I'm a fan of all different kinds of music and I'm familiar with all important characteristics for each genre I listen to.


Production, Songwriting & Mixing


Sem Zeeman

Raised with classical- and band-oriented music, I started playing keys and writing songs at a young age. 

In my beginning years I played in several bands and picked up the (bass) guitar and a pair of drumsticks. 

To translate my songs from a live performance to a studio track, I started producing in high school to reach out to a bigger audience. 


In my productions I’m always trying to find the perfection balans between the acoustic- and the electronic elements. Conceptualizing and a strong vision from the start are the key elements of my working process.


Most of the time I’m involved from the first lyrics or chord to the final release. After the release I’m also involved in release strategies to get the most out of the song and the artist's career.  I love to work with vocalists and try to get the best out of them in the studio and eventually on the record. Concerning genres, I’m a jack of all trades and try to cast every style with a modern nowadays touch.


Songwriting / Production / Engineering


Timo Vermeer

I started playing guitar at the age of eight. After playing in a few bands the interest in writing own music started to grow.  


With starting Music Technology at the HKU, i found myself developing in knowledge and learning new styles of music. This has shaped my view on the process of writing songs.

I often work in a non-linear form. I like to separate all pieces of the production process and find a way through all those steps. Every production and act/artist finds its own way though this maze. I like being the guide to this process. Therefore I am always in search of finding the sound of a collaboration. 


My work goes from co-writing to recording and everything in between. I like to work genre inspecific. You’ll see me going from pop to hiphop to indie in a heartbeat. I often mix electronics and acoustics to create an organic texture and feel.  


Songwriting, Production and Conceptualizing Music Design.


Wessel van der Spek

I started playing guitar at age 10 and quickly picked up some more instruments such as drums and keys.


This gave me an advantage in writing songs for my bands because I could write the whole instrumental backing track.


Now, years later. I’m still writing songs for my
band, but I have expanded my expertise when it comes down to production. Not only am I responsible for writing the songs, I’m also the producer and engineer.

I work in a lot of genres including experimental hiphop, indie, hardcore punk and pop. My work here consists of composing, producing, engineering, mixing and mastering.
My personal goal is to work with music that has an edge. Pushing boundaries and experimentation is what I stand for: maximizing the song’s emotional impact while being

ahead of the curve.


Experimental Production, Mix & Composition


Ziko Schilte

I picked up a guitar at the age of 7 to never put it away again. From the beginning I was interested in creating and telling my own stories through music. This passion has grown out to be a major part of my life.


With my band I write, and produce my own songs. We make alternative rock/pop with a melancholic and adventurous touch. On the side, I do productions for other artists in multiple genres. I’m also skilled in creating music for image and film. Last year I finished the full soundtrack for the film BUOYANCY. 


I always try to tell a story with music that moves people in different ways and hold their attention till the last note. In the process I like to connect with others and share my way of thinking, and learning from yours...


Songwriting, Production & Guitarist